Jason Hamilton Photographer


  • Senior Director of Photography at Image Lab - Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • • Photographer, Consultant- Studio Management, Design & Efficiency
  • • Management of the Photography and Post-Production departments with Pre-Production/scheduling oversight.
  • • Implementation of Lean manufacturing principles, data tracking and efficiency gains within a creative environment.
  • • Development of a proprietary Photography Style Guides.
  • • Establishment, staff training and QC of in country and overseas satellite photography studios.


  • Australian born, Jason received his first camera at eight and has never been able to lose the grip on it long enough to shake the love.
  • With over two decades of professional experience, his working style is unobtrusive and patient.
  • Jason is passionate about his craft, with qualities essential for any great photographer – a technically sound background, great eye and the ability to shape light to complement striking compositions.
  • Working as a photojournalist for nine years before pursuing a love of collaboration on still life sets, Jason's personal projects are now his only solo undertakings. You might find him hanging a camera out of a moving car or bent over something on the sidewalk.